In The Media

Featured in Print

Jackson Kirschner has received recognition in various publications for our residential design. Represented here are a few examples:

The December 2018 edition of Florida Design, Volume 28 Number 4, featured this relaxed Caribbean style estate. Designed by Andrew Scott Kirschner, this house was a winner of the prestigious Aurora Award for 2018. Additional pictures may be found in this portfolio.








The April 2018 edition of Vero Beach Magazine featured a French Country Villa designed by Andrew Scott Kirschner. A full gallery of additional pictures may be viewed in this portfolio.








Photo by Dana Hoff.

The firm’s work on a contemporary Winter Park, Florida home was featured in Volume 23 Number 1 of Florida Design. The home designed by Andrew Scott Kirschner is showcased in this portfolio.








An oceanfront home designed by Andrew Scott Kirschner earned cover placement in 79th Annual Florida Architecture. A full photo gallery of images from this Vero Beach estate may be viewed in this portfolio.